Galileos 3DSCAN can be useful in almost all areas of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery ( Implants, Pathology, TMJ, Impacted Teeth)

3D imaging

The more complex a dental procedure is, the more important accurate planning and predictable results become. Today’s patients demand the most advanced dental care. Three-dimensional images guideyou to a better understanding of our diagnoses.


Starting from now, more implant cases can be completed within our practice. The reliable diagnostics of CEREC and GALILEOS set new standards in modern implantology.

Sirona delivers excellence with every solution

The Sirona 3D family offers a solution to meet our office unique needs. Each option delivers the best image quality with the lowest dose, and an optimized workflow.

Best image quality

From the positioning of the patient to the completed image on screen: All phases of image capture are carefully synchronized to return the best possible result. Resolution and noise suppression ensure every detail is captured; and the metal artifact reduction captures interference-free images.

with the lowest dose

You can be assuredthat youare receiving the lowest possible radiation dose, while still obtaining the best possible image for their dental health review and planning. using state-of-the-art technology, Sirona’s image intensifier achieves this low dose even in large scan volumes. Dose can be reduced even further by using special programs in 2D, or reduction to a lower scan volume in 3D

and an optimized workflow

The GALAXIS imaging software is specifically tailored to enhance the 4D dental workflow. Time required to access information is reduced because findings are saved along with each panorama image (along with corresponding lateral, transversal and axial slices). Implant planning with gALILEOS Implant is so easy that Dr. Drais can perform the planning and consultation ofour patient’s simultaneously. In connection with CEREC Dr. Drais can plan prosthetically and surgically at the same time. Incorporate SICAT drilling templates, and our implant workflow is optimized, as well.